Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a sweet girl!

Miriam Yinjin is such a darling, sweet girl. She is doing amazingly with the transition. We were expecting screams and tantrums. She has gotten sad a few times the first day and had some tears the second morning when she woke up. But this morning she smiled and giggled. She only has gotten sad today when a Chinese woman tried to hold her hand and walk away from us. She eats and sleeps very well. Daddy and mommy have both gotten kisses and hugs. Her favorite things are her shoes which she brings to us to put on her even in footy pjs. She has read her butterfly book about a hundred times and is enjoying carrying around graces purse. She's already an accessory girl and is trying to walk around in momma shoes as we speak. Her transition is going more smoothly than we could have imagined and I know it is only because of our amazing Lord and your prayers.


  1. So, so happy reading all about Miriam! I am so thankful the transition is going well and you are already getting to enjoy your time with her. She is beautiful and I love looking at your pictures. I can't wait until you have the whole fam together and I'm sure you can't either!
    Lots of love and prayers,