Monday, June 4, 2012

All Boy- for IHeartFaces June Challenge

The June Photo Challenge on is "All Boy".  Although I am far from a professional (read- I am a momma with a camera who has read a few blogs on photography).  But I thought why not?  So the picture is big J sporting his Lightning McQueen shirt pointing to the sky at a jet.

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

  2. Your little boy is SO cute Emily : )
    Here is how you can get the I heart faces link in your post.
    Go to the top of your post in blogger draft.
    Click on html
    paste the same code you have above into the box.
    Go back to the compose button at the top of the blog.
    Your post is ready to go.
    Push publish : )
    Hope that helps.
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I got it to work!

  3. He's so cute! Love his eyes!