Sunday, June 24, 2012

She's ours!!!

Miriam is ours! We went to the city center this morning. Her orphanage director dropped her off. I was so worried that she was going to scream and cry but she was amazing. She was scared at first but after about an hour she cuddled with both Keith and I. She's been such a gorgeous sweet girl. On the bus ride home we fiund her tickle spot; she has the sweetest giggle. We gave her a bath and changed her clothes when we got back. She was a little afraid of the water but when I held her hand she let me wash her. We had lunch in the hotel; she's a great eater. She loved the fruit and vegetable steamed buns. I'm pretty sure she would have eaten a whole watermelon. We took her up for her nap. She was a little sad but after I laid down on the bed near her crib and pretended to be asleep she closed her eyes and went right to sleep. She such a good sweet little girl. Hopefully she will bond to us quickly but I think she will! Thank you for all of the prayers. Miriam is such a blessing already!


  1. So happy for you and praying for continuing blessings. ~ The Bazzels

  2. Happy Tears at our house!!!! I had been praying that the meet would go so much better than you anticipated! We are so glad to see the bonding has already begun. We love her so much already. Now you can enjoy the rest of your time in China!

    Love you all. :) Amy

  3. I am filled to the top with emotion for all 5 of you! If I feel
    Like this, I can't even imagine what you're experiencing. Praying for an easy transition and KNOWING that there is already so much love between you and Miriam. We can't wait to meet her!