Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Journey for Miriam- Our Adoption Agency

When I was pregnant with Jonathan, I started chatting with a lovely blonde woman at our community pool.  Me, being the not-so-tactful person that I am, proceeded to ask about her daughter, who was Asian.  I found out they had adopted her from China; I knew this was what we were hoping to do so I got her contact information and basically hounded the poor woman for details.  She highly recommended Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) based in Denver, CO.  We had gone to informational meetings at Bethany Christian, and looked online at several other adoption agencies.  So why did we choose ultimately go with CCAI?  1) recommended by someone we knew 2) focused ONLY on Chinese adoption, which in my mind made them masters of their trade 3) they have a team in country to assist with travel/problems in China 4) they were ranked #1 by CCCWA 5) although CCAI is not overtly a Christian Agency, the founder Josh Zhong is a pastor and you can read his testimony on their webpage 6) they seemed to be priced in the middle 7) they have camps and continuing education that Miriam could attend when she gets older to help maintain her heritage and meet other girls and boys with adoption stories like hers.
I would highly recommend CCAI to anyone considering adoption from China.  They always have knowledgable staff on hand to assist.  In addition, the staff genuinely seems to care about our family and our child.  They don't treat us like a number, even though they have placed 9500+ children into their forever families.   The dossier and adoption process was divided into managable task lists which make the whole thing seem way less daunting.  And after we were matched, they linked us with other families who have adopted from Henan Province and even sent us videos of their trip to give us a better idea of what was about to happen. I strongly encourage you to check them out!  And Josh and Lily (the founders) have an amazing story!

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